Sunday, February 1, 2009

of Robbie, fats and sunnies... and Robbie ♥

OH NOEZ! classes start again tomorrow ): I finally went to register for my exams last week. British Council makes me depressed, pft.

Anywhos, i'm kinda lazy-ish to blog and think of words to say, so instead of being 'creative' and whatnot (not that i've been very creative anyway -.-), i shall just show you what happened in our scandalous sleepover. I even uploaded the pics as large so my post would seem longer. So genius, lah. *pats self*

got to Vonn's at 12 and had no intentions of staying over at first, but i gave in anyway. Grandma was gonna stay in my room so i escaped hee hee. Understatement: Meg's sunnies are awesome.


:D meee!

Vonn, who has the best facial expressions evar.

Madeline/Meg don't need to know who this is cause she is EVIL. :)

hehehehe it's Zoe lah, the meanie. "besties and Soph" somemore wthelllll. You will regret your words, Miss Ng. Oh yes. *grabs knife*


iJoke, sillies. i love her muchos la okeh. <333

and OMGGGG...


I could diiiieee. oh lard, you should've seen us watching the movie. We were like, squealing and screaming the whole way through -- we totally bring bimbos to shame. But yeah, this is what happens when you see someone so close to perfection @__@

he's just missing the deeper voice. tsk.

the Terryterry Kawaii pose #1

the Terryterry Kawaii pose #2

HAHA vonn's disgusted face :D

wooh, double power. Hitler? Charlie Chaplin? WHO KNOWS?

i really... don't know.....

lolol Zoe's so FOS :)

Me: crikey, i see a big one!
Vonn: guhhhh....

"oooo, i wonder how it'd be like to live in thereee..."


Vonn so drama~

i left in the evening just cause i wanted to join the family for dinner at Gardens, this new kickbutt restaurant in 1u. It looks like such a big pretty garden, hence the name d'oh. Then i went back to vonn's again and er, just to let you know, we shared 7 bags of scando chips throughout the day.

We are fat people, yey.

"Madeline, wake up!"


We watched IP Man while vonn KO'ed. Finally at er... early morning, we kao kao chu'd too.

awww, like lil angels 0:)

So yeah, that's basically it. Sorry for the lousy-not-enough captions, i'm trying to rush. Nadal vs Federer, le gasp. Goodbye!

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