Saturday, February 21, 2009


You know, i'm beginning to lose my 'thanksgiving spirit' for weekends because they're so lifeless. On Friday, i'll be like, "oh yay, saturday! no tuition!" but then on Saturday i'll be all... T_T
Bored to tears.

So in other words, i'm probably more thankful for tuition. At least i don't go to my comp and bum around, then go living room and bum around, then lie on bed and... bum around. So bumming, you knoh?! ): Anyways. On to the tag.

Day Seven.
1) I really am not sure what to be happy about cause i didn't even do anything to prompt any elated sentiments whatsoever, and not only that, i screwed up my mashed potatoes. asegtwaiogjro!!!

2) Oh hey, actually, my aunt gave me a past 3 hour English paper yesterday and considering my 'English studies' have been stagnant (i've not studied any english since i quit AOP), i think i did pretty good :D

....I think. Results on monday, woo.

3) I managed to get my sis to watch Big Bang Theory with me. Spread the love ya'll!

4) I'm kinda happy now. Because of this.

and this.

and this.

Hahahaha makes me feel like trying to blow someone's brains out :D

Oh well.

Back to daydreaming :)

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