Thursday, February 26, 2009


Sigh, there's always a catch in everything, isn't there. ):

Day Eight. The sort-of denouement of this meme.
(0430 PM)

1. I skipped combat to watch Rain on Discovery Channel. HEHE.

2. I was so lonely and bored, i memorized the rules of rock, scissors, paper, lizard, Spock. Shutup shutup, I'M SAD OKAY.

3. Awkward and exceedingly lame convos with the papa bear:

"Eh, i always don't on aircond if i sleep in your room."
"Cause your room is the coolest."
"Why, thank you, father. I think your room is cool too :) "
" -_____- "

4. So far unfailingly, every morning, one fish dies from the bowl. I don't know how is this happy, but.... it amuses me so.

5. I was just pressing random keys on the piano and then suddenly, i managed to recall the introduction to Tifa's Theme. And i still don't even know what the notes are. The memory has been instilled within my fingers, woooo :D

(0737 PM)

6. HEHEHE i keep imagining this elite and awesome but never-gonna-happen scenario and it's making me all tingly inside. *giggles* lool wth.

7. Vonn, you'd be happy to know that Daisy has not given up on me. Yet.

8. I, on the other hand, have not given up on Hujan/Cire. Whichever. ♥♥♥

9. 2 months more to exams, babey! I know i should be a little worried, but honestly, i really just want it to be over with. guh.

Overall, my happy-meter fills up just to below average. I was waiting for a brighter day to arrive so my eighth and final one would be... a little more epic than the others but alas, it's just been cloudy all the way~

aaand that's a wrap!

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