Friday, February 27, 2009


EDIT: Ho! I finally got the Twilight dvd (pffft, i already disapprove due to the excruciating poor quality thanks to the VIDEOCAMMER. My gosh. Even piracy has its standards >.>) so i can finally see this Edward Cullen character girls have been raving about. Oh and yes, i want to watch House :D Y'kno, that Ted Dekker + Frank Peretti book i wrote about in my previous blog. The movie's been out for 3 weeks i wanna watch i wanna watch T_T

Holey Frack.

my Canadian neighbor's son is smexyin' hot

Of course, not exactly the Aaron Johnson i was wishing for, BUT CLOSE ENOUGH TQVM. I mean, i hardly see my neighbors come out of their place, i only hear them. (They leave their door open when watching tv, listening to radio, eating, etc.) I really wonder what wonderland exists beyond those doors...

I just happened to be in the same lift and held the doors for them.
Sigh, i'm such a Saint sometimes. ehehehehehehe.

time to initiate... stalker mode.

And yes vonn, i would be more than willing to lepak in your house :D

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