Tuesday, March 3, 2009


Huh, surprising. I finally got feedback on my English and History mock papers and apparently, I did really well. I mean, not that i think i suck or anything, but considering i did a krappy essay for English (i forgot to count the words even -_-) and hardly studied for History, i thought my answers were below average. This is a good start then :D

I am fully anticipating May right now. Like, bring it on man. (except for french, dangflammit. I think i'd die then revive myself the following day) I SERIOUSLY want to get this stuff over with--i want to get a move on. Getting kinda sick of repeating the same old routine and being stuck within these four walls just practically killing off my brain cells. I need to learn how to drive and then go kacau Vonn every friday HEHEHE :)

And it has just occurred to me how quickly i resolve to utter loneliness because my mum's not around, hence my having too much quality time with myself and ending up having random subconcious soliloquies. I do it so much i'm like my own best friend!

....okay, that sounds kinda pathetic D: Moving onnnn.

280209 - Ooh! More kungfu-yaumak moments :)
Because of this, i slept at 2 somethings AM and my eyes were kinda swollen when i woke up around 4 and a half hours later. No double eyelids for church, boo. And my eyes are already small, thankyouverymuch.

....a very gay Rain-HyeKyo moment.

010309 - Giordano wants to rob me, really.
Helped the nursery class early in the AM and no, i have not gotten over the fact that i won't be seeing Brandon anymore ): Crossed fingers for vbs though. Why do they have to be so cute omg?! Anyways. Afternoon was spent at Amcorp. No offence, but that mall looks depressing. Everything after that is historyyy. Kitschen, gym, dinner.

my life.... i need a life.

Awww, how i love it when they're not annoying lol. Girls Kids just wanna have fun la :)

That was RM110, i think.

And that was RM69.

WHAT DID I EVER DO TO YOU PEOPLE??? Just wanna burn hole in my wallet, guh. And no, i didn't get them because i have this thing against... spending. I feelt guilty when i pull out the cash on some things that aren't just worth the money. In my opinion.
Sis: Yah, and you always say you need more nice clothes. GEEZ.

She's right T_T

010309 - In the PM
I only got to watch Twilight for about 15 mins cause the quality sucked ass and my sis couldn't take it anymore, soooo... we threw away the DVD....
and settled for Punisher: War Zone.

Freaking gory, countless decapitations, 2 funny moments, OK storyline, weak flow, hero not much different from villain, sexy male, tons of stuff that didn't make sense = Punisher: War Zone. I don't really recommend the movie but whatevs. Watch it if you're into the whole wachaa-stick-axe-into-your-face! kinda thing. It's for you :)

Punisher is just not a hero to me.

I think Thomas Jane was a better Punisher though. At least he LOOKS more like a hero and not just a half-sane and emotional ex-soldier bent on revenge. bah.

On to my....

HEE HEE. But his face got bashed in by the "H E R O".

Sigh, i'm looking forward to a long day of solitude tomorrow ):

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