Wednesday, March 4, 2009


:D hai kung fu!

So this is me, reporting from Antarctica aka my dad's office. In all honesty?

i think he's trying to freeze me to death T_T

But yeah, instead of lone-ing around at home, decided to follow. However, now i'm bored AND frozen to my toes. Oh gawd, i need a hug.

and and and

i want Hana Kimi SP!!! >:O


I still need to accomplish some other stuff like,
- look for HanaKimi SP downloads
- buy Mickey Dees
- daydream
- research on Russia
- french/history/bk work
- contemplate somemore on whether i should get that Giordano pullover
- everything else.... significant...

cold cold COLD.

What graphic designers do in their free time HEHE :)
My pa's somewhere in there.

I'll post more later.
Anyone wanna come over tomorrow? we pah-tee!

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