Saturday, February 14, 2009


7. Valentines Day
Named after an early christian martyr named Valentine, it is the one day where people who have no chance of getting with a girl in any way, shape or form realize that fact even more...
Also, the really lonely people's mothers say they will be their valentine because they know their sons are pathetic.
Eli - It's valentines day again and nobody loves me.

Eli's mother - It's ok, honey. If it makes you feel better, i'll be your valentine.

Eli - *sniffles* okay.

HAHA, joking lah :D Merry vday, guys!
I'll come back to edit this later... about the happy stuff :)

credits to bitterstickgirl.

Rules - Post about something that made you happy today even if it's just a small thing. Do this everyday for 8 days without fail. Tag 8 of your friends to do the same.

1) My sis finally ordered the threadless tees for me

Yeeeah, that's about it. More bad stuff happened today actually, like...

1) I'm having another mini break-out on my right cheek. Why does that not surprise me.

2) I can't think of any songs to lead the kids in nursery class tomorrow D:

3) Accompanied Vivienne to shop in Pull And Bear and she suddenly said outloud, till everyone else heard, "Wah, i like this shop a lot. Must come back to Polar-and-Bear again."

....HAHA. Super the malu ok, but it was darn funny la :D

4) I did not study my french. *guilt*

Haih, look on the brighter side, Soph...

audiofood, Jamiroquai's You Give Me Something

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