Friday, February 13, 2009


Happy valentines, lovelies :)
hope you guys spread the love every other day too, yeah?
& since it's already pass 12am, this valentines night (or morn), my mum came back with... fish?! Yeeah. I was hoping maybe a sugar glider? Yorkshire terrier, perhaps? D:

"Look! your ah yi gave me fish!"
"But mee, fish are boring."
"Where got boring?"
"Got. You can't play with em, teach em, take them out for walks..."
"Eh, they can recognize you wan you knoh!"


T.G.I. Fridaaay :) Two days to divide my nerd-ing schedule and less "ohmygaah-pulls-out-hair" moments before class on Monday again. Got mini history test, aish. Days are passing a little too fast for comfort and my priorities are getting all mixed up. Now, gym is pretty important cause it's the only time i can 'chill'. (no, i don't really expect you to comprende)

...and it's the only time i can dance ):

Anyhowevers, got tagged by the Vonn.

Rules - Post about something that made you happy today even if it's just a small thing. Do this everyday for 8 days without fail. Tag 8 of your friends to do the same. (I try la, okeh :D)

I tag? Lau Rou Yuan. Because you need to update (yes, you busy woman) and because Vonn tagged the only other people i could think of. Anyone else can do it, if you want to.

I commence post happiness --

I bruised my knees! HAHAHA. Ok, explanation - i bruised it cause i did the knee spin in hiphop and i wasn't wearing knee pads. Like heck, who wears knee pads to dance? that is like, someone wearing overalls and a straw hat to a formal party.

....okay, not quite the same. But you know, you know?


I realized i COULD do it. I mean, after seeing it on tv and stuff, you think that it's so hard, but it turns out I can do it too which makes me feel all the MORE happier, yeah? :D So um, little elated moments for Soph, tqvm!

yes la, ouch :D It got worse today. Bigger and redder.

The knee spin i'm referring to:

I hope you understand my elite drawing demonstration. Hee. I was pretty proud of myself yesterday but then now it's er, starting to hurt bad. ):

Anyblahs, i know this doesn't count as today's, but la right, nothing made me happy today. I woke up with a stiff neck, had 4 and a half hours straight of tuition, didn't get to go to Vonn's (she rejected me T_T), and is wondering what on earth happened to see-no-evil-open-eyes-oh-krap-it's Joaquin Phoenix.

No idea who he is? Watch Gladiator. He's that evil, malevolent Emperor who killed his dad by hugging him. See, whoever said too much love won't kill you?

& he's going on to become a rapper. (i typed out Gladiator at first HAHA)

Awww, doesn't he look so happyyyy. But yeah, sucks when actors go crashing down like this... so weirdly.

Oh well.

Let's see if tomorrow will bring some smiles :)

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