Thursday, February 12, 2009


Almost-forever etched into my memory -
So, since this year i have no Archuman to indulge in (dum dum dee dum touch my hand~), i decided to keep up with American Idol 2009 too; find myself another favorite to fangirl on this year while Archie's all MIA :D But eh, somehow, all the good singers aren't good looking. Like, they don't have the 'image' but heck, their voices are aweshum. How depressing D:

But i've found some people i'll definitely remember -- despite how some irritate me so much.

There's this one guy who looks like Brad Pitt, but i can't find his picca.

The AlterEgo, Nick Mitchell. OR is it? Hmm..

Bikini Girl, cause she reminds me of Paris Hilton. Pretty, but kinda lacks up there? this is how you prove Simon Cowell isn't gay. He let her in D:

Danny Gokey, current favo! I like his voice lah

Adam Lambert, he looks like Joe Jonas in person. And i don't like Joe Jonas. *hiss*

Megan Corkrey, cause i like her, but she somehow disappeared...? C'mon AI, stop hiding the awesome ones, pft.

She's 16. WHAT THE HECK. Imagine how she'll look like when she's 30... eeee.

Anoop! my other favorite. His voice is so soulful :)

Cody Sheldon, the prettiest boy I've ever seen. If he were a girl, he'd kick Bikini Girl's arse.

Colonel, because? HAHA.

I would continue, but i've gotta get my french on.
Quelque fois, je pense que la vie serait mieux sans français ):

don't kill me, French people :D

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