Monday, February 9, 2009

This, my song.

I really intended on burning the midnight oil by studying or at least, trying. But then, procrastination. But then, sucky Grammy Awards. But then, Facebook. Plans fail, I fail, and everything remains at status quo -- stagnant and totally not progressive.


*droops head.

Anyways, this is a very 'impulse of the moment' post. Today was exhausting, and i really don't know why? i just felt really drained out during class today and i've been having the thirsty-throaty feeling all day. guh, the earth is sucking the energy outta me T_T So, i just, really, don't, know, what, to say, are my, commas, annoying, you?

Omgosh. Really at a loss for proper words, sorry.

i see purpur.

the anti-social people in the corner. Hahaha.

and i thought there were more pics?

yey SuperCut, Amy saves the day!

i like Amy the Haircutter except for the fact she thinks i'm like, Madeline's fan or something -.-

Could you layer my hair? *hand movements*
Oh. Ok. Like Megan's one la?
Err, not as stringy-like. More layer from top to bottom kinda. *more hand movements*
Ohh ok.. so, like Megan's one?
....yeah, sure. Like Megan's one.

*slaps forhead.

we meet again! droolface.

With my movie download completed, and while i was in one of my 'deferment moods' (shucks, this is not the first time my midnight-studying-plan did not work out), i went a little nuts.

Why oh why, i wonder...

hoho! D: now you know.

i know, i love screencaps too

- interlude -


interlude over! :D

forget Daniel Radcliffe man, this is the love.

wo zhi xiang yong zhe yi bei zi qu ai ni ~

Karoake in oneyou with the Super Rojak. The lau ya version of Super Junior HAHA. Together, we revived classic tunes of Abba and others like YMCA -- cina style.


chilling after Womanizer, PCD, and Wang Lee Hom lolol.

Sheryl's husband's epic farewell song:

Can you feeeeel the passion?

They were hyping to some old chinese song lah. I too banana for mandarin so i become photographer :D

where the soju? :(

Sheryl - her voice dam yeng okay!

Overall, it was a very emotional karoake session. Mostly chinese love/heart-breaking songs, including that OMG annoying CNY song that keeps getting stuck in my head. >:O and Jordin Sparks is overrated wth. There are more pics, but not with me. I'll show you one of Vivienne + me and our special RAIN performance. We getchyou dancin, oh yeah.

because we need a good laugh every once in a while.

Keep the laughter in your eyes...
Smile, without a reason why
Love, as if you were a child
And think about a brighter day
You'll find life is kinda beautiful that way.

Sleep. I need.

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