Tuesday, March 10, 2009

BANG! happy new year :O

Updates of the past 3 days! before i quickly go KO. Double tuition combo tomorrow and it's not gonna be pretty. It all starts at 11AM tomorrow and ends at 0830 PM. Kill me, won't you please.

06 & 070209 - Potato Fiesta
Plan was to make everything that has to do with potato. And wear PE shirts.

See what i mean?

Introducing Potato Family,

MEEEEE!!! :D No need picture la hor?

Kung Fu holding toothbrush, looking like wanna shit on me omg

Zoe (or to Vonn, Sancho)


Bry.....an. lol :D

White boy!


The guys appeared out of nowhere! but it was fun anyways. Meg and i helped Vonn out in the kitchen making rosti (?), wedges and watercress soup (which SOMEONE thought it was made of parsley :P). We're not bad, seriously. Can go straight on to culinary course already. NGEK :B

awww brotherly love.

Zoe and i are doing the Keon. Don't know what Ter's doing lol.

OMG JULIAN CAME?!?! ehehehehehe... evil onion head :)

Posing with Jul

Then it was farewell to the guys (at like 3:30 AM -_-) and hello Antique Bakery!

...i liked this picture, Vonn >:O


I don't think i need to explain this. Let's hope he never sees it :P

Stare at Meg longer and she'll poke your eyeballs.

Zoe fell asleep first D: The rest of us mustered whatever energy we had left to watch the rest of Antique Bakery but beh tahan, so we knocked out at 5-ish or 6. Party hard man, party hard. *head bang*

'Night :D

080209 - Training?
No pictures on this day cause gym don't allow pictures? wth. But anyways, i helped sis choreograph and teach the little annoying kids hiphop. Why can't they be like the nursery class kids? D: DEM DIFFICULT because they didn't even try. And there was this random indian boy who was like...

BOY: Teacher Sophie. I ask you a question.
SIS: Yeah?
BOY: Which is the first animal to go outer space?
SIS: ....uh O_O?
BOY: The cow. It jumped over the moon.
SIS & I: Eheh hahah....

Omg. Another 1 and a half months to go.

090209 - HEPPI NIU YEER!
Went over to Vonn's place to bake and relax before the real week begins. Today (or yesterday, rather) still felt like a weekend thanks to the holiday and i am so not looking forward to the next few days. ):

Spastic la, who cares :)

Started watching Romantic Island before baking. Dam funny plz, go watch ok!


Eh don't be fooled. I helped too.

"We are like... carpenters. We take things that look like krap and make them into something beautifuuul :)"

Vonn: *eye twitches*

If you haven't guessed yet, we were TRYING to make cream puffs. Trying.


She cracked an extra egg making it all mushy and whatnot, then it came out burnt and heavy and... slippery. So she proceeded to cut it in half, put some custard on, and eat it.

....like the professionals. HA HA.

Yez, that's about it. I have more pictures but i'm too darn tired to upload all and that is just not worth my sleep. SO, this is all for now. I had quite a happening weekend so i'm more than happy for that :)

It's gonna be another quiet, nerdy few weeks... or maybe not ;) We'll see...

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