Friday, March 20, 2009

all good things come to an end

Begin at the beginning and go on till you come to the end: then stop.

Sigh. Back from tuition and now, i'm waiting for yet another tuition. Sucks ): If i didn't have tuition, i could be in two places by now:
- at the Aquaria Park with them CC kids (Brandoooonn!)
- shopping with Zoe, Ter and Bry

but nooo, dammit. And i just found out that my exam dates have been pushed further down to like, the third week of May. So WAI NO HOLIDEI??! askahfi!!

Anyways, like i said, yesterday i went with out with the Etcs but before that i had to teman sis and mumsy for lunch. Fuh, i dem rajin ok, taking my history and bk books there to study (and finish off uncompleted homework =x). Mostly to satisfy my guilty conscience. pft.

then, I met up with Zoe and Meg first.

"Uh, excuse me miss...."

"No picture-taking in here."

guh. who wanna take pic of your super ex clothes?!
After that we joined Ter and Bry for Witch Mountain which made me a little sleepy halfway through. Plus, we were like 3/4 rows away from the screen. and, Dwayne Johnson acts the same in every movie. I guess that's what ex-wrestlers do best :P

Next, Zoe trying her oh-my-gawd-pretty-shirt at Forever 21.
Meg and i just syok sendiri-ing hee hee.

the Leica and Olympus :D


the Keon

the Terrence

the Trying To Act Innocent But Zoe's Doing Her Thing

CENSORRR, too sexy for youh :)

One of my faves. But it's blur. Like every other good picture -_-

Zoe, Madeline, Sof

Trying hard not to laugh because it's kinda weird doing the Terrence... with Terrence :'D


I forgot to take a pikcha with Bryan ):

So yez. Dunno when's the next i'll be able to go out again, egads. Hopefully to watch Desperaux :) Anyhowevers! i need to shower and get ready for the gruelling 2 hours that's about to come. I hope i stay awake.

Oh and....

thanks for the scarf, dear Zoe!
I loooves it. And i'll pay you back when i see you :D:D

l'écoute de: Nickelback's Gotta Be Somebody

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