Sunday, March 22, 2009

ooh, you do smell good ;)

It would be nice if something made sense for a change.

yez! I finally got to watch Twilight and lo, i'm not outdated anymore :) I really wanted to see what everyone was raving about - of vampires, love, the famous Edward Cullen...

I guess i solely liked the movie for its romance. Gave me chills when Edward's all sexy like that ;) kudos to Robert Pattinson. While his face doesn't manage it (don't q me prz), he does add the hotness and the whole 'macho slash gentleman' attitude to the character. He can only be hot in the movie though =x

and as he does his thing, Kirsten Stewart on the other hand. SIGH. Yes la, she is dam pretty and i like her features but.... she's got the personality of a boiled potato.


So, in the end, fine. Robert does act smexy.

But sorrylah, Cam Gigandet is still hotter :D:D

trying not to fall, cause if i do..
i may not want to get up.

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