Wednesday, March 25, 2009

two in the morning

Gee let's just say i'm partially insane and i'm trying to finish off french and bk homework the night before tuition. 9 hours and 45 mins to it. Kill me, won't you please ): so sick of it, gosh. Everytime i feel like some emo reclusive nerd or something. joh!

I'm not even really ready for exams yet, but i want it to pass by so bad.

like, bring it on lah. BRING IT, O LVLS. think i scared? huh? HUH!??
ok wth i'm getting sleepy T_T

So, more sings-to-self moments tomorrow, daydreaming during lesson, talking to my imaginary classmates, dum dee dum dum. and youuu needed a teman but it was actually the other way round. Rawr. I hope the days go by faster -- i also want more weird dreams :D

Jam tomorrow, jam yesterday,
but never ever jam today!

we were awesome. :)

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