Tuesday, March 31, 2009

sentence first, verdict afterwards

Hai kung fu and beautifuls! Class cancellation today and the last day of March means i'm going to be happy today :D Not that i'm so proud of having no class but i'm actually not prepared so. Yeah. The only thing that's got me is um, the internet connection? i've been enjoying power download rates and now i'm down to 4kbps? what the heck, TM Net?

On The 28th right, i was a little pumped for Earth Hour just cause i wanted to see how effective it would be. Prediction of couldn't-care-less Malaysian attitude proved to be right however. Seriously? The only ones who did do it were probably the many families in 1u. I was there too :D Only a few of the shops had half of their lights turned off, besides that, it was like any other Contribution To Global Warming day. It was still so bright outside. dem killjoy woi. -_-

The Other Day my mum ter-honked a police car lol. (GO MUMMEH!) I know we're like, supposed to respect them and all but really though. Policemen are probably one of the worst drivers. See, i was rushing to order to kfc since i was late for tuition and these policemen were like an elephant's size away from the car in front. Not only that, when they got there, they started flirting with the lady manager wtherr.

Our policemen rocks, yeah. pft.

On Sunday i taught the Isaac sacrifice story to the children and... they laughed when i got to the part where Abraham was about to stab Isaac O_O

tee hee :)

Yes-yesterday I stayed over at Vonn's and now, she's my second Bug Killer Hero. *admires*

Pictures later, homework now. goobai.

listening to: Coldplay's Viva La Vida

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