Saturday, March 28, 2009

one lightbulb at a time

It's a great huge game of chess that's being played—all over the world—if this is the world at all, you know.

So. Earth Hour. Big deal eh. Well, i'll be joining in with most of the world, are youh!? You know one thing that's so ridiculous? I've heard SO many people are gonna celebrate by... barbecuing and having campfires, etc. wth bbq youz man. Turn off light then go pollute air, dem defeat the purpose kan. Sweatttt.

And, i'm feeling happy today. Because right, i don't have classes on monday anymore. Instead it's been moved to tuesday. So why happy? I also dunnoh :D I suka suka happy only lah ngek!

during tuition, when my aunt was out. Taking it KUNGFU style :)

Ooh look! yummeh durian cheezekek!

Ooh look! the recipe! :)

Mmm yeah. I watched Dance of the Dragon the other day. It's just one of those movies that caught my eye in those Astro Box Office ads. Like, who wanna buy la. Ok probably got wth but not me. SO, i download and well, this is what it's about. (Aww, don't you just love screencaps)

By the way, it's a Korean-English movie.

Filmed in Singapore. It has Fann Wong in it (google google) and this...

of mon garçon coréen :)

of Family

Most importantly - of Dance

of Connection

of Jealous Boyfriend

of Confrontation

of Xiaolin Showdown

of Happy Ending

but still, of Korean boy :D:D's quite boring, don't watch it. HAHA.

No, really -_-

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