Tuesday, April 21, 2009

afternoon messes (19)

3 days all to myself (ok not completely - the sister comes home at night). Sounds brilliant... for a person who can DRIVE. It sucks when you're so close to going off just to get lunch at Centre Point but you just can't. P love, i will get you soon!

So the parents went to Lumut (the heck is that? in Perak?) and honestly, eventhough it can be a drag to have my mum around the house nagging a lot, i still love her company and i hate being alone. Like it kinda sucks when she spends a whole afternoon out, etc. So right, i thought i'd probably suffer for 2 and a half days, practically BY MYSELF, with the mother's Chevrolet left to my advantage but well.. i still want to live lah :P

For a change, i sorta made the living room my second bedroom.

20 04

Okaaay, so being left alone all day isn't that bad. I had the TV on while i studied, and i talked to myself the whole time. Omg i know myself better now :D lol. whaaa---?
Then there was the lunch problem. We totally forgot to get groceries and it was too late cause my sis only came back at night, how to buy? (Aha, starting to see the driving-handicap light now eh, parents?) I was left with Nissin noodle, eggs.... nissin noodle......

and we ran out of gas. rawr.

21 04

My 10 dollar lunch. Do i rock at saving money or do i rock at saving money? :D:D
Having the parents gone is kinda fun actually. Not so syoks la, cause was actually supposed to go kl with Zoe and all but plan tak jadi SO, i had my alone time.


Oh yeah, i failed to mention.

I like to mess up stuff :)

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