Wednesday, April 22, 2009

ai slack no moar (20)

'How's life, Soph?' I'll tell you la ok. Life is not good. ): I've been slacking like crazy the past many days and hardly anything has been absorbed in my head and the oh-so-hot weather has got me lazy and yes dammit, i'm beating myself up for all this. SOPHIRAWRRR!! >:O
Why why tell me why~ So yes, my life is filled with sad guilt. guh.

Free lunch at Taylors College updates later. I need to drown in my studies right now and till my exams are over. I shall not succumb to outing invitations (house invitations can la :D). I pinky promise myself ngee hee. :D

I need to get my nerd on.

For now, goodbai.

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