Friday, April 24, 2009

the show must go on (22)

Hello 12AM. I plan on burning the midnight oil tonight, for reasons not to be explained. Let's just say i faced some serious shiats yesterday and what cuts is that i totally deserved it 100%. Sometimes, i can really be overly ignorant to my priorities. Sometimes, i can be really stupid. But well, mistakes - make or break, learn from it right? Right. Just let go and enjoy the show~

Moving on! I have to quickly finish this.

22 04: chef in action

Fine dining. There's just something evil about fine dining and it being in a college. Oh right, DRESSING UP. pft. I was gonna wear that but decided against it since like. Hello? backside of a weather much?

So i went like this! I know lah, i so camwhore. Get over it. :D

We were kinda lost getting there and we were still kinda lost when we got there. Thank God i spotted a church friend there though. He was like an angel, suddenly materialized out of nowhere :O! Ok no la, he suddenly came out of some office and we bumped into him.

But still.... like an angel 0:)

So he led us to the place and voila, we were the latest. Awesome. Oh yeah, our table was booked under Ms Yau Mak. I dem love you, Vonn -_-

Appetizer - salad. Too bad i don't eat tomatoes.

Chef's support team!

Zoé :)

Jooli :)

ME! very much engrossed in my salad. I used a knife, super the malu can.

Serving mockwine. Oh, such style and elegance.

Chef doing her thang. I like your uniform lah :D

Main meal. The potatoes were droolworthy.

The funeral people.

Dessert - Paris Brest. That is one sad looking brest. AHAHA *syok sendiri*

Overall, it was a pretty darn good meal. I would to taste Vonn's cooking though ;) Anyways after that we basically went around Taylors and waited for Vonn before heading off to 1u. I officially have something against taxis now. Not only are they awful drivers, but mygawd, i almost DIED in the car cause i could hardly breathe. Grarar.

I like this. Zoé's skillz again.

I felt so weird walking around in a dress.

waiting for me and Vonn?


1, 2, 3...


23 04: smiles

Honestly, i felt like emo-ing the whole day just because. But since i was encouraging a friend to chin up and all, i thought i should too. Yes? (I don't really remember taking this but i look happy :D)

sof. says: aw, too bad i can't nickname dates
ツJùŧэs ㋛メ~ says: let's try. pick a date
sof. says: okkk. 1918 - first communite party in the world started in Russia
ツJùŧэs ㋛メ~ says: ok hmmm. let me work my magic
sof. says: wooh!

*2 minutes later*

ツJùŧэs ㋛メ~ says: 1 russian dude went to 9 parties got so drunk he started the 1st communist party which was in Julian's 8th most liked place to visit. HAHAHA
sof. says: O_O whoa, what the heck. That actually didn't sound nonsensical!

lol, you onion.

24 04: ...stuff

Out of the blue, period.

Oh well. Gotta hit the books.
Exams are in a few weeks T_T

"Oh time, thou art a heartless bitch."

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