Thursday, April 30, 2009

just a little bit caught in the middle (24)

1. Answer the questions as honestly or as funny as possible.
2. Post this as "Did That Happen To You?"
3. Tag 10 friends.
4. Everyone tagged has to do the same thing.
5. Have fun!

1. What do you do if you are in the bathroom with a beetle flying around?
Run out, grab a sheltox, open the door and spray in there like there's no tomorrow. Insects may be small, but they have a bigger plan O__-

2. What do you do if you hear a song you like playing on the radio when you are all alone in the room?
Sing out loud d'oh, what else? take a shower?

3. You want to speak to your crush badly. What is your pick up line?
"Hi, the voices in my head told me to come over and talk to you."

4. What do you do if all your friends hate a particular band that you love?
Um, not bother? :P

5. What do you do when you trip and fall in front of many people?
Get up quickly and make like as if the person just imagined it. I'd be all "Hah, now you're the crazy one"

6. You forgot to do your multiple-choice question homework (The one whereby you have to choose 1 out of 4 options given to you as your answer) and it had to be submit in 5 minutes. What do you do?
Tear it up. My imagination ate my homework.

7. You have bad breath and someone speaks to you. How do you react?
Cover my mouth or just 'mhm' my way through - better yet, look at the person all weird and walk away so i'd be applying the same "Hah, now you're the crazy one" to him/her EHEHEHE.

8. You just finished gym and after a shower, you drop your clean clothes on the wet floor. What do you do?
Pick up and wear lah. Better than wearing back the sweaty clothes kan

9. What do you do if a personality quiz says that you have a lousy personality as your result?

10. Your friend gave you the worst gift you have ever received and asks: Do you like it? How do you react?
Honestly, that happened before i think. I usually don't answer the question and just 'eheheh' it off. Of course, still appreciated lah, i'm not that mean >.>

11. (Continued from question 10) What are you really thinking secretly inside?
"Good gosh, now i have to think of a less important person to give it to."
lol joke :D I'd be pretty blank.

12. A hot guy/girl keeps looking at you while you are on the bus. What are you secretly thinking inside?

13. Your crush and you are eating dinner together, the food you've ordered came first, you do not want him or her to look at you eating while his or her food hasn't come. What will you do?
ONOEZ DILEMMA -.-' Wait for his food, obviously. Either that or just go ahead and eat? Very malu meh.

14. You are alone in your house and you realized that there is a burglar. What do you do?
I shall unleash and make him face the fury of my angel fish, Sheldon >:D!! Ok yeah, i'd probably lock myself in room, call the security guards/police/parents and then get my sister's hockey stick ykno, maybe whack him over on the head a few times....

15.What do you do when your best friend had just spoilt your favourite one and only camera with all the important photos you cherished inside?
Heck no one mess with my stuff! Get me a new one and then build a time machine so we can go back and take the photos again D:<

16. What do you do when you receive a call from a kidnapper and your friend is in their hands?
O_O i'd be freaking out crazy...!

17. What do you do if you break your friend's favourite vase but he or she didn't see it?
I would be sad i have a friend who has a favorite VASE? But anyways, confess, apologize, get him/her something just as valuable, etc

18. You were told to buy carrots by your mother, but you forgot and went back home with garlic instead. How will you explain to your mother?
They're carrots disguised as garlic - AHA GOTCHA THERE DIDN'T I?

19. What do you do when you see a cat chasing a mouse?
Sit down and enjoy the wonderful display of animal nature.

20. You missed your favourite tv show and it was the season finale. What do you do?
Download. Oh how i love thee, intarweb

21. There is a clash in your schedule, one is your friend's wedding, the other is your another friend's last day of funeral. What will you do?
Well, i assume i've already been to the first day of the funeral so i'd probably go for the wedding? Then again, my guilty conscience. Soo, leave early for one and go for the other.
Gosh, way to exhaust my emotions D:

25 04: jaya 1

"Eh Fun, you're only allowed to walk on the yellow lines. Heheheahaha!"


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