Tuesday, April 28, 2009

unencumbered words

(11:05 PM) I've always thought i should be more wordy. I post like tons of pictures but hardly say anything. Ain't that sad. Trust me, i'm not someone who hardly has anything to say cause i think about everything under the sun - why Scrubs has to end (T_T), how come the church's Move Up sign has scrabble pieces in it, and omg CHURROS? *salivates* Honestly, if i could blog at every of those moments, this place would be flooded with a googillion posts, yeah? (exaggeration. My life isn't that interesting) Thing is, by the time i get to blog, i always forget everything i've wanted to say during the day. I'll open up my blogger and then my mind is just...



Doesn't that just suck. Like that la, how to be writer? ):

So hm. Tuesdays. What i dislike about tuesdays. Oh right, must be the 4 hours of history + lit + french in the afternoon and 2 hours of bk in the night. Probably my most interesting day in the whole week. Tuitions. It's um, my pride and joy.

Then again, it's just another few weeks more and then! :D:D:D The only reason i'm so hyped about my exams is well, post-exams. I mean, hello, 3 weeks of stress then 7 months of freedom heck yeah? What a trade. It's like lending your strength to carry a ton of bricks for 5 minutes in exchange for, oh i don't know, a PS3, all the money in the world, and LIFETIME SUPPLY OF SCANDO CHIPSTER?

...I like my chipster ok.

But! Don't get the wrong idea. you may think i'm feeling super confident and not in the least frightened. I say, herr no. I am scared shitless. There has not gone by a day where i have felt like freaking out and admitting i can't do it. I am dem nervous okay! I keep pressuring myself - I'm 17 in 4 months, there's no way in the world i would wait another year just cause i didn't pass. I'm afraid of disappointing my aunt, my parents, myself. It kinda happened before and it's the worst feeling, seriously. Nevertheless, all things are possible through Christ who strengthens me. Yes?

I guess, even if a thousand other people tells me they're proud of me, by the end of the day, if i get to see my parents' smiles of pride for me, then only i'll know it's all worth it. Fighting!

(11:38 PM) Kinda late, but i just realized that the New Zealand icecream shop in 1u got me to sign up for a card last time. And then they closed down right after. I have not used the card once. Scru' New Zealand. ):

(11:45 PM) I read around a lot and you know, i find blog wars so pointless and an untter waste of finger energy. Use that to peel grapes, type a story, chat with people, write in my cbox. *cough* Go talk/argue/catfight with that person, use your emotions, wave your arms a little, sheesh.

(12:05 AM) I'm off to watch Valkyrie. Fingers crossed that i won't fall asleep midway.

(12:09 AM) Decided best not to. Instead, i'm peeling grapes. See? Good use of finger energy, yes? No? Pft. Goodnight.

listening to: Green Day's Know Your Enemy

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