Friday, April 3, 2009

just wingin' it (2)

Don't say 'hate', ghandi. You kids throw that word around so much it's lost all of it's meaning. Now, now I have to find a word stronger than 'hate' to describe how I feel about others. hmmmm.... mmmmm..... I mega-loathe you all. Ah.

Yey! connection is finally less ghei but still pretty much sucks. I can't download anything, heartbreak! No BBT or Scrubs crack ): but i guess it's a good thing too. I've been slacking waay too much and neglecting a whole load of french hw. And i haven't been studying my history. how awesome is that!?



29 03: my hero!
Original plan was the usual sleepover of the 4 of us. And i just realized, coincidentally, we're all the 3rd child in our families. GO POWER RANGERZ! :B

But right, Meg super rajin and Zoe couldn't make it so left the both of us. I got there pretty late (when i say i'm coming at 6, means i'm coming at like 9. guh) then we went for dinner with Von's sis. That coffee shop has everythingggg.... :O

i like sadistic sheep EHEH.

OH. Right after i took this pic right, i saw something fly by behind me in the mirror so i turned to see what it was. When i saw that huge brown hairy MONSTROSITY, i was literally like,


and then...



Yeah. Super drama :D

So, being the Awesome One that she is, she quickly grabbed a piece of paper and trapped the evil thing under it so it was like, trying to squirm out. I was behind her, being all excited and snapping pics lol.

I was all retarded-like and "what to do!?" then i got a plastic bag for her and when she tried to get it in, it FELL. WTH. So she chased after it.

Oh how brave! how valiant! GO CHEF!!

Then after the great pursue of the insect, she finally caught it. How? she wore the plastic bag and friggin grabbed at it with her hand. O_O I dem salute you, vonn.


You are my hero, second to my dad. :D I actually have pics of the roach, but because darling Zoe beh tahan, i won't uplaod lah. omg so naise can!? :P


We watched Twilight and basically.. made fun of it throughout. That's usually what happens when you watch these kind shows with her, i think.

*hiisss* we vampirah!

My little moments ;D Was supposed to watch My Sassy Girl after that, but we dozed off at the same time 15 mins into the movie. It was like almost 4 AM, geez.

30 03: my skillz pwn you
I rose and shone at 10 AM, but chef was still sleeping.


kai fan + sparkling ribena + awesome korean spoon

Our morning mess

Note - don't take pics in the morning.

You see!? I take such nice pictures of you, sigh. :D:D

Actually, we took a whole darn lot of photos but most were retard-looking. Oh well.

31 03: challenge for your love
After many months, the family finally went to the cinema together to watch 12 Rounds.

It was OK, i guess. Nothing to jump about. Interesting plot, no doubt, but it has many flaws if you really think about it and it kinda gave me a headache. I don't get what's with wrestlers and acting in hollywood movies now though.

02 04: balls!
Okayy, so i cheated a little and started my project 365 only on the 2nd cause... i really didn't do anything on the 1st. Like really NOTHING.

So um, i finally had IKEA food after ages. I can't even remember the last time i ate there. But it's seriously good lor - i totally miss the meatballs + sauce omg. Foodgasmic ;)

03 04: kwj prz
I purposely arranged a replacement tuition for next week just so i could visit school today okay! Though i don't really miss the place, i still do miss the people IN there. See how loving i am hee hee. So basically, first there was this suuuper ex (like really ex) Miss Malaysia there, teaching them on how to be 'etiquette'.

apparently "girls do not run. they gliiiide"


Oh yeah, there were also these korean guys and their coach. They came and shared, etc. Major stalking happening yeah? I've got proof!

Check out the 5 ladies right after huge-Californian-green-tee guy. No11 is 16, get over it. >:D

Yup, that's all i got for now. I need my sleep.

peace yoh!

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