Monday, April 6, 2009

little heartbreaks that make life (5)

I'm getting lazy again. At first i was all pumped and ready and "JUST DO IT!" but now i want to play Left4Dead and eat potato chips T_T

And my first paper is in like, 7 weeks. Freakin heck.
on with the project -

04 04: pantsless for 6.1148090128 minutes
Guess what!

I wore a dress.


ツJùŧэs ㋛メ~ says: You're a girl?

Ha ha, IN YO' FACE! I Nelson Laugh you nao :D:D

It's my first time wearing one since a year and a half ago. (yes Zoe, it's the one your tried :P) It felt kinda weird... but i was in touch with my feminine side ok.

Yes, i have one >.>

05 04: 30k discarded D:
So, since it being 'cheng ming' and all, our family had to go visit my grandpa's grave. Well, it's not technically a grave since his ashes is in some.. cupboard thing....

Actually, photography isn't allowed EHEH. Cause religious Chinese people tend to believe that if you take a picture at a cemetery, then a ghost will appear in your pic. so funny plz. It kinda reminds me of that mirror thing - ghosts will run away cause they see their ugly punya face.

"The truth hurts, hon."

Hahahaha wth -_-

My uncles and aunty burning stuff

Checks it ouuutt, LV bag for my gong gong :O!!

I should've made stick people to burn. So my grandpa doesn't feel lonely.
Or just burn real people...


I have no idea whether he accepted Christ before he passed :'(

06 04: eye s-s-spasms

For the first time ever, i tried studying out in the balcony cause i was sick of being cooped up in my room. But it didn't really help, guh. I miss studying with other humans.

Helloo sky!

Helloo weird cactus flower!

Hellooo indian guy who sprays that smelly gas so the mozzies die at least that's what i think you are or you could be a gardener!

listening to: Big Bang's Number 1

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