Wednesday, April 8, 2009

the gripping anticipation (7)

It was in back in january when i just started warming up my studies. Now, already April and just a few mere weeks away from the EXAMS omg. I know i act quite chill la BUT I DEM SCARED OK. ): I really envy SPM students of their time... how i wish i could have that. (Or maybe not, cause after this, i have the rest of the year off HEHEHE)

Another thing i'm going green about is... people are starting their driving lessons already and all i know is how to go straight/reverse with an auto car T_T I'm like so impatient ok, i wanna drive all over right nowww! :)

07 04: get it going again
My schedule has been changed again, and now i'm busy on tuesdays instead of mondays. Somehow, i prefer it like this cause like, who wanna go tuition right after weekends lah!?

Okay, yeah yeah i know gov. school people got school on mondays but you see, the difference is.... i'm not you all :D lol wth.

My beautiful stack of notes (there's more by the way). Just... beautiful.....

08 08: bras and towels
Um, i didn't do much today. In fact, i only had tuition then that's about it. But the project (which i am faithfully sticking to, tqvm!) requires me to take a pic and be 'creative' so hm.

My first brief webcam session with the Zoe :)

Told you i won't post unglam pics of you.


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