Friday, April 10, 2009

french is for when you can't think of the thing in english (9)

Now, here you see, it takes all the running you can do, to keep in the same place. If you want to get somewhere else, you must run at least twice as fast as that.

Helloo world! I'm gonna quickly do this, cause i have bk in like 4 minutes. Hopefully, the teacher comes late. HEHE. I'm feeling this kinda jumpy itchy feeling thing when i think of studies because my exams are so near I LIKE WOOH CANNOT CONTROL *dances*


Moving on.

09 04: study date?
Zoe and i had earlier planned on meeting at Meg's for (oh finally) a study date but the Meg couldn't make it to her own house >.> So, i decided to go over to Zoe's instead. Eh. i studied a little, omg!? :D Ter came over so i tried my hardest to not listen to them. I know, my willpower is so great.

*evil laughs*

Her book is open.



omg he is smiling.

GO AWAY i have no time for youh!

He fell through the chair lolol.

Genius, really.

wth Terry -_-

After i finished a few pages (note - A FEW) of french and Zoe did her bk, we headed upstairs. Why is it so hot nowadays ):, not because of you Zoe.


Oh yah. Halfway through, Zoe called Lewis cause we wanted a ride to mamak, but then it went like, "Hello Lew? you busy? cause we need a ride.... what? you're in school? what-- WHAT!? DAVID ARCHULETA IS GOING TO YOUR SCHOOL?!??! OMG!!"

ps. Zoe isn't a huge fan at all but she'd be one heck of it if she was.

So yeah, we didn't want to ruin Lewis and David's 'relationship' so he wasn't allowed to come pick us up lol. I'd be totally psyched if i had a TEMAN to the concert, pft. :P

Hehe i ruin teh pic :D

On the way to Madeline's place.

We got there and and and....


We acted like Meg.

She gave us A+

We have problems ;)

10 04: ooh look!

a Pink Panther car! :D

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