Monday, April 13, 2009

sacrilegious shiats (12)

Darlene Zschech's For All You've Done
You lived, You died, You rose again on high
You opened the way for the world to live again
Hallelujah, for all You've done

I woke up at 5 somethings AM on Sunday morning and that song was like repeating itself over and over again in my head. I couldn't sleep till it was time to go to church, so. Thanks for reminding me :)

I've been reading around and it's very true what people say; that often we forget to respect the significance of Easter. Everyone's just been like "Oh happy Easter!" and the first thing people think about is: bunny!
Don't look at me ok, i KNOW that's what you think about too. And, i don't even know how the easter rabbit came about and i don't bother cause it's bound to be some archaic nonsense some guy made up ages ago and people are just like.... oooh easter bunneh.

And, somehow, the bunny is more acknowledged than the person who SHOULD be in your first thoughts?

Don't be stupid ok, the mammal didn't die for you. (or your eggs. Um. If you lay any) -_-

Especially around these times also there are many 'scientists' and whatevs doing research and trying to explain the death of Jesus just so they could be satisfied with the answers coming out of their own mouths instead of someone else's. Like my cousin told me last night, "They said the cross wasn't actually a cross, it was more like a T sign. And it was actually only like 3 feet above the ground, etc etc so like, he didn't suffer that much"

Seriously, don't be so naive. Men of science truly depend on their own knowledge to explain how everything works. Thing is, the human mind is only so limited, we can't fathom how EVERY single thing or even how God works. And sometimes, science is ridiculous too k.

Like, it is so much harder for people to believe God created the world. BUT it's easier to believe that the world just BOOM! came together as a minuscule thing and just started growing. And that the moon is made of um, cheese (YUM, BTW). And that monkeys/apes gradually evolved into humans. (I eat your kutu, you eat mine. Ooh how fun!)

Yup, science sounds super.

So really, don't fall so simply into these kinda things during these times. You know in your heart and in His Word what's true, so stick to your faith. And He did die for you when He could've chosen not too. That fact alone never ceases to amaze me.
thank You, God! :)

11 04: yey
Nothing important,

I found my Mr Dragonfly :D

So i missed Archuman's showcase at sunway, which kinda sucks yeah? Especially since i was all gaga over him ever since AI 08 auditions and then everyone followed after that. Suckers ;D I still think he has better vocals than so many of em this year, but oh well.

And i dunno why, but i find this year's group right, their personalities are so dull. Like, there's nothing really special about them other than their singing. Even Danny (whom i love ^_^v) is so... serious and.... yeah.

Why are they not dorky D:

I miss season 7.

listening to: Leona Lewis's I Will Be

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