Thursday, May 21, 2009

all in a day's work

Hello hello. I am very close to celebration, tqvm :D Recap?

Monday's Blues Day
The start of the week - very bluesy indeed. I knew from today onwards it would be a very tiring week; and it was ): I got up early to take my French paper 1 and 2 and guess whaaat. I was the only one :D Pretty much isolated in a smaller room from the 'math-ers' outside. The guy who was supposed to dictate to me arrived late, so i was stuck in there, talking to the invigilator. She dem nice lah :) Then then then, the test!

Firstly, the guy was Indian. He was an Indian with an oh-so-strong French accent (le superawesome). An Indian with a strong French accent who watched French movies and stayed in France for a while.


Mucho respect. How do i know all this? Because la, he gave me long breaks and we talked a lot lol. Didn't feel like an exam at all. :P

Tuesday's Dooms Day
I slept at 2 AM and woke up at 5 AM just reading up on Northanger Abbey before my literature paper. You see, back in October, the syllabus included Macbeth and Pride & Prejudice so obviously i put all my blood and sweat and passion into it. But then apparently, the people over in Edexcel thought, "Oh you know what? We're gonna screw Sophira over. We're gonna CHANGE the syllabus back to the old one! Ha ha! Syoks, no?!"

*iron-fist punch them*

So yeah. I guess i did pretty well? =/

Wednesday's OHMYGORSH! Day
History. The day i've been waiting for. Well, not really. I was kinda hoping somebody would invent a time machine then, give me a free trial and then i could just pop over to next week or something. But nooo, the world's not that nice isn't it. >.>
Again, the same routine of waking up at 5. Death. I was literally shaking before going in because it's friggin history man. I was supposed to remember what other people did, what were other people's feelings and their 1348957816 different kinds of policies. If i wanted to study someone, i'd probably study Sheldon. PFT.

I didn't get to finish question (c) to my fifth question so... disappointment. But then it wasn't so bad, cause one guy farted twice during the paper and that made my day.


Today's Rest-And-Study-For-French Day
Tomorrow's the last one!!! *throws confetti* I think cramming a billion and one things in about 6 months was no easy task and though i complained and wanted to drop dead like damn a lot, it was worth it. I actually feel very accomplished right now and that feels good. :)
So study ok, children? Eat your green vegetables, wear clean underwear, watch BBT to increase your Physics knowledge. Mhm.

Besides that... Kris Allen won, heckyeah!

But i still love you, Dannyyyyy~~~~

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