Friday, May 22, 2009

Rendered Speechless

Yes, I had my very last paper in the afternoon and honestly, it was my worst one - French paper 3. It was a written test and it was way more difficult than what I was prepared for. Like, my previous ones weren't that bad then this one you bully me? ):
Again, i was one of the very few Chinese people there (i think there were only... 5 of us? Or less) and at the corridor, it was pretty awkward. I was the separating line in-between a whole bunch of Koreans on my left, and Indians on my right.

Woah. Like can i join one of ya'll please :D

Yep. Just after a mere hour and a half, EVERYTHING'S OVER!!! I went to the toilet and started hyperventilating and talking to myself. I can't believe it still la... i keep thinking i still have to study something. Ohgosh. I feel dam liberated :D:D

Then I spent the rest of the day with Zoe at KLCC. It's starting to grow on me - what a change from 1u lahreally. Anyways. Next up?! It's time to get mah P on! (Chef. I'm waiting for you!)

But the utmost highlight of this whole period would be how good God has been for the past few weeks. Honestly, from the start, I never had the confidence to go through with this. I've never been the hard-working, dem rajin study every hour kind, so I knew i'd have a hard time. Plus i'd already disappointed the parents, so pretty much hopeless kan.
But but but. He's been answering my prayers each time i went into the hall and it never failed to amaze me. Like somehow all the things i've studied came out just as how i understood it, which kinda boosted my self-esteem. So after the first, each time i went in, i was reassured and it felt goooood. :)

Oh. And if i haven't said it already which i have but i just wanna repeat it again and again until everyone gets sick of it because oh what the heck...

(till i get my results, but diam ok. Give me my moment >.>)


If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be?
KrisAllen: I wish I had chest chair.

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