Sunday, May 24, 2009

You're Uhura!? (32)

Oh gosh, this feels so wrong. I can't believe i'm on... holiday. Omg i'm on holiday wth. I'm not used to my parents not getting on my back, saying i haven't studied this this this, and feeling like a bum. But now... i'm a better bum. :D

Anyways, retarded me got to 1u late, so we couldn't get the tickets for Night At The Museum. Then what to do? Why all the people must go gsc? So one kind??? NO LIFE AH!? *dies* But anyways. Joo and i decided to settle for Star Trek and i was like.. ohmylord, i can't believe i'm watching Star Trek. The image of Zachary Quinto's pointy ears, power eyebrows and bowl haircut made me feel dem awkward ok. I had to tell myself, he is hot wuunnnn. T_T

However, here's where the old 'do not judge a book by its cover' pushes its way in again -- the movie was actually pretty good. Aside from the satisfaction of knowing how similar Spock and BBT's Sheldon are (love!), i gotta admit, Chris Pine looks le super glam. Even with with his sausage hands lol. Without him, Russian guy (mine :B), and Scott, i think the movie would've been kinda... dull.

And mucho grasias to Zoe and the guys for the company today. :)

Terawrence ;D

Spock #1

Spock #2

Spock #3

The other Spocks are too unglam. More to come next time >:D

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