Wednesday, May 13, 2009

of luke, acts, and monkeys (30)

Hello hello. A very dizzy, tired out and procrastinating Soph reporting for duty. I suddenly feel so lethargic and lazy, lah. But i can't be cause got tuition from 10 to 3 for tomorrow and friday, so how? I hatechu, studies. ):
Oh yeah, as i said, i watched Wolverine last night and omg i dem love! There were only a few letdowns like Gambit? I mean, GAMBIT. I loved Gambit cause i always thought he was cool (my heart forever belongs to Cyclops) but what's with the unglam actor + hair? I don't like. rawr. And he had major anger issues. Oh and yes, Daniel Henny oh so sexy.
As usual, the hotness of Cyclops never ceases to fail me. Note the red RayBans he was wearing. Huhu! :D

Moving on.

Thanks for the motto, chef!

Last minute studying at 10AM in Madeline's room. We did not fail. And thank goodness she read Peter's denial out loud cause that's exactly what they asked in my paper. Score!

Then aunty Lucy dropped us off at KJ station. I don't even remember the last time i traveled in an lrt. O_O Bad memories, bad.

The emptiness deceives you! It was so crowded after that. D:


After we arrived, walked over to the evil land that is British Council, and Subway-ed, we went up to wait outside the doors. Actually, i think we were quite chill lah. Sleepy, even. egads.

Double heh. :P

Teh posers waiting for me to finish.

KLCC. Must go again with chef!

*hiss hiss*

I want to smack the hairstylist ok. ):

lol don't ask.

Guitarist turned Samara >:D

There's more. hint hint Meg and Vonn~

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