Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Another day (34)

Hey Verni. Yet another day has passed, and i feel worn out, tired, and every other thing. But i still miss and think about you hella lot.
I realized this incident has so many elements in it. It's effect brought about so many emotions i didn't know i could feel all at once. I don't know when it'll stop and i don't know how i'll ever get over it. I just know it's not time yet and i don't want to forget. Ever ever ever.

Oh yeah. You also brought us back together. It felt and still feels so good and it's the best comfort and encouragement we've all had. Just, wow. Even when you're not around, you still manage to cheer us up. Good gosh Vern, you're amazing.

Zoe, Daniel, you were such great company today. I felt a lot lifted off my shoulders during that time and i actually felt normal again. Vonn, Joo, Yewyew, Ter, your support means so much. I hope and pray you guys are doing well and please take care. Ro and Meg, i miss and love you both so much and i'd give anything for you two be back here.

Everlast ♥

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