Saturday, June 6, 2009

The First Week (36)

Today counts the 7th day you've been gone, V. It's really hard to believe that the first 4 days felt like years, but then it suddenly went by so quick. Has it really happened? Sometimes as I think at night, it feels like it didn't. Because i'm still wishing and hoping.

In the past week, I have...

watched 2 movies - Monsters Vs. Aliens + Night At The Museum 2,

caught up with an old friend (dandanDAAAN),

got served by the prettiest waitress, Chef, in Taylors again

and messed around a little,

played Monopoly in the student lounge,

had fun and laughed much in Toys R Us,

had pretzels and LEMONADE...! ,

walked all over 1u in heels and found Dan's number one fan,

and, got to be one of the earliest to play Sims 3.

But even while all of this happened, not a day has gone by that I've not thought about you.
Today's the day you're supposed to sit for your SATs. I hope your friends do well, and, you probably would've too. Though, everytime we talk, it never seems like you're studying. Heh. Naturally smart, I guess.

You're also supposed to be coming back already. Either today or tomorrow -- and then we'd have a reunion some time soon. It'd be so much fun cause it's been so long since you left for Penang.

The first week is almost over, and I wonder if you're watching us now.

I still miss you, V.

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