Sunday, June 21, 2009

The Missing Piece (42)

Yey, finally got the time to blog. I opened this window many hours ago and never got to it. Woops. I've just been really busy wasting the afternoons away watching old SuJu Full House vids because i love my Hankyungie to infinity and beyond browsing various colleges and courses AHEM. Looks like there's a chance someone's heading off to Taylors ya'll.

Besides that, i'd like to say it's been an awesome or relaxing past few days, but it really hasn't. The bad stuff just trumps all the goods despite some of it being that Meg's back (i love you.... freddos) and we had a great time at Vern's last night and um... 6 year old Caleb remembers my name. *cough*

That's just life huh?
I'd say life sucks, but then i'd be lying.

Ohoh. I finally saw that fur-free PETA video the other day. I actually wanted to see it cause of those celebs' 'I'd Rather Go Naked Than Wear Fur' campaign and their reactions were pretty extreme. Now I totally know why.
Honestly, i felt really strange while i was watching it. The most intense one had to be of anger--hatred? I mean, i knew they did that, but not that it was done while the animals were alive and even after that, they still lived. For a while. And the way they did it was so cruel and inhuman and heartless. Literally tearing off the fur, stomping on their heads, and leaving them bared, practically struggling for life.

What the heck.
Even before the vid, if you support (and still do) skinning animals like that, i've gotta say, you probably left your brains in the toilet bowl when you shat it out.


190609: chef, ahma, bry, uncle
Hannah Montana the movie. We went, we saw, we conquered. I didn't have anything against it, but i really couldn't believe i was gonna pay 8 bucks to watch that. Anyways, it wasn't thaat bad.. i was just amused by the fact that Miley changed clothes after kissing the guy in the end. And then right, while she was performing, there was one part where she + back-up dancers went behind and came out again, dressed differently. I was like "Omg Zoe, the guy must be standing behind there!!"



After that, it was just us, roaming around and causing chaos, huhu. I love going to malls during the weekdays :D

Very the glam.

Action City: managed to stack up the pyramid in water. Probably my greatest accomplishment yet - my parents should be so proud of me.

Chef and Uncle

What happens when your friends force you into a toilet with 2 toilet bowls and a koala bear chair. Actually.. just what happens when you're in the washroom with them.

I was already craving for japanese then. Sudden strong urge to eat sashimi lah. I got to eat salmon for dinner though thanks to the new Jap stall in Ming Tien. Nomnom. Oh, but before i left, got to snap a pic of...

...Bry's recently discovered femininity?


200609: vern's family, chef, mei, ahma, yiching, nelle, uncle, yew, bry, ter, nigel
Sue-Ann and Yu Jeen invited us over for a meet-up and dinner. It was a pretty fun night and comforting too, to be able to visit the family and all. We also got to see Vern's baby/toddler photos and videos. Gosh, dem cute ok!?! I like his anger face.

*balls up fists at the side* Aaah!

Dang Vern... it would've been suuper to be able to tease you about those :)


Us proudly showing the shirts (more like treasures) we got to take home with us. It was really nice lor.. thank you so much, aunty Josie!!

There are more pics, but i'll get them later. Right now, i'm anticipating
- sleepover
- the invasion of the sister and Jaeda
- massive family trip to Camerons
- the invasion of Rowu
- too many things after

Best. holiday. ever?

The Vernie Pout Pose. I think i failed. D:
And, is it me or is it by some weird coincidence that many people suffered from insomnia last night? I could hardly sleep a wink at all and i was on duty in church today. Death.

210609: happy, very happy children
I was exhausted after that, but being the stubborn me, i refused to take an afternoon nap. I is strong, hur hur.

*sister whips out her new Nokia*
Me: Ooh! take pic of me and Caleb can?
Caleb: Teacher Sophira, why everything also you wanna do with me wan?
Me: Because i like you lor.
Caleb: I also like you a lot loh!!

Omg touching moment plz.

I look bad in the morning, go away. It's currenly 2:30 AM and I need to go mati on my bed now, goodnight.

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