Thursday, June 18, 2009

뭔가 실종

Ah, what's more blissful than a warm (burning) thursday afternoon, indoors, punching yellow paper hearts, feeling fat, anger, bored, slightly ecstatic (Chef's holiday commences today) and everything else in between?

Well, beats me really.

Things at home suck (potato mushroom soup everywhere!), so automatically, being at home is a major suckage in itself. Then there's the whole other part where you're only left to think.. and right now, thinking is no consolation. Not only that, i'm worried sick about the bestfriend/wife.


And i want my soft-baked cookies. Where my cookies, Joo!? T_T

Oh yeah. I might take off the cbox too. So dead lah, psh.

I miss you, Kyuhyunnie.

Currently listening to: Be Your Love - Rachael Yamagata

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