Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Routine Schmoutine

I finally got to watch 17 Again today and, i'm no big fan of Zac Efron, but the movie was better than i thought it would be. It was dem hilarious plus, the uncle's laughter beside me was kinda contagious too. Thank you uncle! *insert happyface*
But my uncle and ahma didn't come, so left Daniel and me only. Still! It was ok, chilled at BK with him. And uh, i think i promised myself i wouldn't have fast food for a week a while ago..... dangflammit.

Good gosh, i was just glad to be out of the house, lah. Nowadays, with no tuition and stuff to occupy my time and mind, i literally feel like a potato ok. Not that i super love studying (though, it's also quite ok.. makes me feel smart. ngek.) but at least i had something to DO. I miss being semi-busy. Now i just sit around and wait for Sir O's death cert on whether i killed him O level results on whether i did well or not.


Also, lately, i've been feeling the familiar pangs again. Like, suddenly i'll just stop and realize we're not waiting anymore and, well.. he's not coming back. It really hurts and it usually lasts for a while. It's kind of like an alarm clock that goes on unexpectedly everyday. In all honesty, i really miss talking to Vern, miss disturbing him, miss seeing him... miss everything.

I can't wait to see his family again on Saturday.

Ohoh. And Meg's coming back today. YAY.

Every man's life, no matter how routine, will fill a chest of books, and if he's lucky, a million miles of film. Forget nothing lest yourself be forgotten.

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