Monday, July 20, 2009

Ces derniers jours (52)

1707 Everybody say Cheeah!
I had to get up at 07:30 AM just to wait for Danny and Mr Cheah and quickly revise for undang. (Why do they make you wake up at the ungodly early hours of the morning just so you can take a test? Don't they know that lowers the odds of people failing because like, we're all pretty much sleep deprived? I LIKE MY SLEEP.)

Anyway, long story short- Danny was late, Mr Cheah was kind of pissed off (or maybe his face is just like that. And maybe he just huffs and puffs like that. --um yeah, i think he was pissed), they got 10 bucks off me just to take a photo and my eyes were CLOSED, i took 11 minutes to finish the test and and and... i passed!

Truth is, the test is really easy. Just know road signs you've never seen before, memorize the demerit rules and make sure you've got common sense. The latter is most important. So, hopefully you have that, eh? ;D

After that, Danny followed me for lunch and we hung around there and at my place whole day. Much to the delight of Jaeda. D: Why this D: smiley? Because la, she chose him over me ok. OVER ME, HER YIYI. Words cannot explain the sinking feeling as my heart deflates and gradually plunges down to the depths of my stomach.


Them bonding. Oh, another proud accomplishment of mine:- I sat on that animal train thingy in 1u! You know, that one with the barking honk. Omg. How many 17 year olds can say they've sat on that? I PWN YOU ALL.


Food, friends... fotos
That same night there was a bbq meet-up at Bry's and Terry's. Basically just spent time with the group before Jon Chan and Sam heads on back to down-under. I think this was the first time i went to a gathering and abstained from eating anything cause of my sushi fest in the afternoon :D Sashiiiimiiii, mmmm.

Ching, Ah ma, Sof, Bry, Grace, Yew, Joo


Danny and Nina :)

Bry, finally without Tum tums.

Yewyew, the very aweshum so-called :)

Terry... giving love. o_o

On the way back - Bambi!

1807 The 'grands-' photo session
They were out on the balcony, Jaeda was copying my dad, and i had the camera. Everything else is self-explanatory, i think.

1, 2, 3, Cheeeezu!

Us, stoning :D

You seeee the copycat.

1907 The Marmalade
I could feel my wallet slowly deteriorating away as i walked into this restaurant. Actually, even as i was walking into Bangsar Village. Anyway, i accompanied my eldest sis there to meet with her old highschool friend. I was there just to be the... babysitter? :/

The food there is overpriced lah, but i would love to take pictures there because of its wall designs! So prettyyy.

See see! The wall is practically screaming out "take pictures with mehhh!!"

Jedi-mind shots. We are one with the force.

And lastly
Zooey Deschanel is way more gorgeous than Katy Perry plz.

Current song:- She Is Love - Parachute VA

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