Thursday, July 16, 2009

Just for kicks (49)

I don't know why i'm here at 1:17AM while playing Restaurant City (ohmyshiz, i'm playing that) but i guess i should update more often. So you people can read and... do whatever you do here. o_-

On to the tag:-

1. How often do you visit the toilet in a day?
Very often. So often i would die without a toilet.

2. What's your secret, dangerous fascination?
That thing. And why does it look so retarded compared to another thing. HEHEHEHE.

3. If you were stuck on an island with only your pet dog/cat/hamster, would you eat it?
If my pet was a fat chicken, then most probably. Nom nom.

4. How much do you spend on underwear?
Not much. Just a few AUDs for a crazy load.

5. What annoys you in magazines/ads?
That they all look almost the same except for the occasional 'original type'

6. If you could choose any car in the world, what would it be?
SUZUKI SWIFTTTT. Or maybe Volkswagen Beetle. My putput car :D

7. What would you do if you were stuck in the middle of nowhere in Alaska?
Make friends with a polar bear and live in a snow house, hohoho.

8. Do you wear socks with holes?

9. Fingernails. Short or long?
Uh. Semi-long

10. Toenails. Short or long?
Long. Very long. So long i can poke you from across the room. -.-

11. Would you ever go for a full-body wax?
I'd be so slippery and shiiiiny, wooh! But uh, probably not.

12. Favourite liquor/beer?
SOJU! I've yet to drink it but still. SOJUUUUU!

13. Would you steal out of desperation?
Wth, i'm not so desperado ok. *steals your psp*

14. If you get arrested, what would you use your one phone call for?
Dominos. So then everyone else in prison would be JEALOUS. >:)

15. Ever thought of being in the mafia? Police force?
Once upon a blue moon in my younger life, i did want to be a police woman. I... don't really know why. I think it's cause my sis wanted to be too and i did everything she did. And i'd have a gun. Mweheh.

16. How many pair of shoes/heels/flops do you have in total?
I have 2 pairs of shoes (soon to be 3) and 1 pair of slippers. I think i'm the only girl my age to not own heels. Well done, Soph.

17. Would you shop in a hypermarket for clothes?
Why not?

18. Ever stubbed your toe? Walked into a wall/door?
Memang lah. You have not lived if you have not stubbed at least one of your toes.

19. Know how to swim butterfly stroke?
Yes. I can do one :D ehehehee

20. Favourite music instrument?
I love a lot.. like piano, guitar, violin, cello (i like the word, it counts ok). This might sound weird, but i'd probably choose the drums. Dem syok.

And before i go...

I freakin want these pants from *insert name here*!!!! You probably can guess from where but if you can't, i'm not telling cause they will be MINEEEE. Maybe. Hopefully? D:

Current song: Restaurant City tunes~~~

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