Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Michael Jackson. Ow!

Spiderman. Batman. Superman. Flashman. Zoeman. Just do it lah. Eat lah. Sleep lah. Dowanlah. Fang kau. Choong liong. Bu yao. Fuwaaa! Omg. I love teaching my niece things that don't make sense. It's like an accomplishment. So easy especially since she does/says almost anything we do. Woohoo, manipulation!

Anyway, it's been quite a whirlwind. I have a 'kind of' fixed routine everyday.
Wake up > Eat > Go out (maybe) & come back > Swim with or without Jaeda > Entertain or take care of Jaeda when she wakes up > Go gym on gym days > Eat > Talk/gambling with sisters > Sleep.

It's basically the same all the time.
It may sound a little boring, but it's fun and time flies when you're having fun, yes?

That line really proves true because, i really can't believe they've already been here for almost 3 weeks and tomorrow is wednesday already. And there are stickers all over the house.


But i kinda like it like this. Before this there seemed to be huge masses of tangled up and difficult situations. It was all just bad. Not to mention, just sitting pretty all day, wishing this, hoping for that, missing him. Not that i don't anymore. It's just... aaah eawgpoirjaepglkam, you know?

Besides that, i really REALLY want roti canai. Like now.
Curse you, cravings.


I'm gonna get my converse soon! Hoho.
Tired. Sleepyhead. Goodnight.

Current song: Funhouse - Pink

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