Sunday, August 2, 2009

#57 Today was simply yesterday's tomorrow

I think today was the first time in a very long time that i walked out of church feeling a sense of change or a certain kind of 'excitement', if you will. And it felt really, really good.

I gotta admit, this kind of contributed to my current somewhat beneficial sensation right now: I don't feel like killing the dentist anymore! Yippie kai-yay!
I'm all 3 thumbs up for Ps Daniel Ross. :D

Anyway, today i finally got to meet up with Josh. The Josh who left to Texas a year ago. The Josh who left to Texas a year ago and finally returned to Malaysia. The Josh who left to Texas a year ago and finally returned to Malaysia AND then went to Australia, came back again AND did not call to meet up till 2 weeks before his departure.


I wanted to kill him.

Burn with guilt, you!

It was awesome seeing both him and Grace though. Again, missing those times back in grc. Seeeee... meeting in a carpark wasn't such a bad thing. :)

Honestly, i have never been out with people who have lunch first in Waffle World and then decide to have dessert straight after somewhere else.

Maybe that's why i love you guys lol.

3107 buck wild

Zoe accompanied me who accompanied Danny to watch Ice Age 3. Pretty good movie - solely just for laughs. But somehow, i can't seem to remember the jokes after i walked out of the cinema D:

Ohoh. And then and then...

Sushi. Aaaaahhhh...

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