Wednesday, August 5, 2009

When life hands you lemons, say "I wanted strawberries, dammit"

Ned: Boys, put on your goody-two shoes. We're going back to Springfield.
Rod: But i have a girlfriend!
Ned: Well, now you have a penpal.
Rod: Yay!

Yup, trying to get more out of life is kind of hard, actually. I realized i've been just sitting around, complaining to the skies about how boring it is nowadays. No drama, no school, not really anything to get the old brain juices working (except for my korean class), no berbonding with friends, nada.

But then it struck me that, maybe if i just took the time to appreciate the littlest things instead of thinking "Oh damn, those pants no size again. FML" then maybe i'd feel a tiny fragment of its effect in each day. Anyway. I won't lose anything either way right?

SO. Here's my short happy list of the now :D

One:- Daiso in all its glory

*angelic sounds* Firstly, of course, is my first and very prestigious (well to me, d'oh) 5 ringgit Japanese pot. Omg i could practically feel joy spewing out of the void somewhere in my heart as i was boiling my noodles.


Wahah. I'm sorry, but that was the first Jap thing that popped into my head. d:
But seriously. If you love noodles and um, anything that you could use in a pot, you would definitely fall for this baby. It cooks fast too! Ohmylard!

Two:- Stickers

Yup. Stickers. They're everywhere. They're dominating this place even as we speak. It's on the windows, the coffee table, the piano, the sofa, my cupboard, my toilet bowl, my mattress, MY SHIRT...

I woke up after napping for a few minutes and this is what i find on my back. I have been violated! D: So how does one value this?
Simple - the last time i laid a hand on stickers was years ago when i was probably in primary school. Heck yeah. But i'm not deprived ok. I just upgraded myself to handkies >.>

Three:- Simply arbitrary

Ho! Soph wearing a dress! No kid. I took it to consideration a few days ago that i only wear dresses like once or twice a year. So like, on sudden personal whims, i would go to a shop, find a pretty dress and try it out.

I know. Syok sendiri like crazy, but oh well. That's just me :D And i really like that one from WH lor. If you buy it for me, i will promise you my devoted and undying love!


*somewhere a cricket dies*

Four:- Nothing thicker than blood

Oh yeah. I've been talking about Jaeda so much and stuff, i hardly mention my increase in bonding time with the sisters. I love it when my eldest sis is back cause it's so much more than just hunky-dory. :D We talk more, laugh more, do silly things and make fun of other people... ehehehehe.

It just feels really 'complete' when the whole family is together. :)

Five:- The baby

What more can i say? Nothing else really brings that fulfilling sensation than that of being a yiyi. Sure, sometimes she's a pain, she pees on the carpet, does annoying stuff often, makes you feel like RAWR I PIAK YOU! But that can never ever top the other times when you just wanna hug and squeeze her and never let go., sounds kinda like pet dog. HAHA ;D

Omg, have i said how much japanese food i've been having? If i haven't then, well, i've been having DEM A LOT OF JAP FOOD! Ever since my sis landed, it's been Sushi Zanmai and Sakae Sushi galore to no end. Sashimi, sushi, chawanmushi... my best friends.

No complaints there, obviously!

Seven:- O Great Lemon-Giver

And of course, finally, life itself. I've come to think of it as this great huge puzzle that's yet to be solved. Big cliché there, but i couldn't agree more. Along the way, you lose some pieces and you gain some but in the end, it'll be completed some way or the other. The result may not be what you expected or how you'd want it to be, but then again...

That's for you to decide what the picture is gonna be, isn't it?

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