Thursday, August 27, 2009

Chee Chong Fun

It's like the old saying: an eye for a tooth, a nose for a chin, a butt for a... well, it's an old saying. But it's not a very good one.

Hello i'm bored so I shall tell you what's been the haps. Let's see.. yesterday, in the early hours of AM, my brother-in-law arrived here. And along with him came my 5 jolly packs of heavenly goodness -- freddos! Yay! I think this would be one of the few reasons i'd rather live in Australia: the good junk food. Mmmmm unhealthy nom nom.


I know you jealous tee hee. :) After that, I had a pre-birthday meet-up with Ms Cath, Yen and Roberts. It was alright, and i got free Starbucks zomg so naisss. And it was one of my most nostalgic moments ever - I miss teasing Roberts so much HEH. If Deniece ever reads this, then HIIIIIII!!!!

lol so jakun, sorryla.

But it was a short but sweet time. I hardly see those GRC mates anymore and things have changed so much. Sometimes i wish like, i could relive the few years there simply because it was somewhat bittersweet and real. And so much drama :D

But well, life goes on, crickets keep on chirpin, ladida.

Thanks Yen! I like :)

Today, the Chee's came over for a swim which turned out to be more like 2 boys playing with a stranger's ball and 3 girls... syok sendiri-ing and taking pictures. Yeah. That was pretty much it.

Bernice, Soph, ...Soph

The cacat couple =p

Jeremy, Julian, Bernice

See, cacat. I told you.

And jump!



And thennn Danny called to last-minute belanja me sushi! Oooh i like suhi-belanja-ing people :D So we makaned at Sushi Zanmai. And i think the people there can recognize me and my family by now. We've been going there all the time and i bet that i'm breeding disgusting parasites due to all that raw sashimi.

But it's sooo gooood. T_T

Anyway yeah, sushi, drink, talk, like what normal people do.

Now, I go nom my duku langsat. Buh byeee.


Vonn said...

i didn't know julian and jeremy were brothers D:

sophira chong said...

But i think i told you before ._.
You know Julian right? He goes to your youth and all.

Vonn said...

no you never D:

ya he does