Wednesday, August 12, 2009

If i could smite you.... i just might.

Harry: Dick, in order to be brave, you must first start by being afraid. For true courage lies in the overcoming of fear--not in its absence.
Dick: That's brilliant, Harry. Who said that?
Harry: ..Blue Power Ranger.

I swear i contain enough anger to pop a balloon with my mind. I wish i could scream, shout, rave, kick. Nobody cares, nobody understands. Even if they got that far, somehow they'd get jaded by it and just stop listening. And people wonder why i keep things in. Thank the good Lord for journals.

I can't believe how annoying you are and how you could be so blind to it. You bully, assume and blame and yet you still think you have the right to get all fed up? You think i'm gonna feel bad? hell no. I don't know why i bothered but i don't anymore. Wanting to spend time with you is a waste of my life as of now. I know this is wrong, but i'll get over it. Eventually.

The only thing that's keeping me virtually sane right now is 3rd Rock from the Sun. It's official. My best friends are Dick, Harry, Tommy and Sally.

current tune: Superman - Lazlo Bane

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