Thursday, August 13, 2009

Think, thinking, thought

I feel like i should update, but i don't really know what to update about. Proper words fail me right now - i'm all jumbled up and slightly paranoid because an average of 8 people in Msia die everyday due to h1n1 and almost everyone's sick. My cousins, Danny, Jaeda.. T_T

Unless! I tell you what i did today :D Let's see, i effectively stayed at home all day, helped take care of Jae, relived one hour of my childhood by watching Dumbo, and finally bought Starbucks. Hmmm, add that all together with a dash of lamb stew and happy SMSes, and you get...!

my boring arse life -.-

Not that i don't appreciate spending time with my family each and every single day (trust me - they're better company than you know), but omg, i'm dying for something new; something refreshing that would last me for the next 4 and a half months left in this year. I think the only thing right now that could be considered as the most exciting would be that i got a voucher for free NZ icecream.

Omg, what a ball!

I know, i'm complaining and whining like a 10 year old boy waiting for his puberty but heck, i'm tired/fed up, annoyed that my hair has somehow stopped growing, and worried about my results. Oh, and i haven't studied for korean dictation. Please spare me, Kwon sonsaengnim. D:

Oh yeah. You know how something so simple, like say, a song, could interpret a part of your life so much? The other day, after an excruciating and incessant interval of ads, Archuman's 'A Little Too Not Over You' (oh for the love of all that's good in the world, that boy needs to change the song title) came on and it was like as if each word literally painted out how i felt at the time. I didn't even realize it at first but it was amazing.
....Or maybe not so cause i felt like crying and being depressive. o_o

Anyway! I'll write something that'll actually make sense next time :P Not really thinking straight now. And i made another best friend - Starbucks.

I love you, vanilla cream. Nomnomnom.

0708 mie's birthday

0908 cousin's birthday

1108 jie's birthday

"No need to get me anything or buy me presents. Just do anything and everything i say. Oh. And everyone must wake up at 9 AM. Heh!"


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