Friday, August 14, 2009

"Got enough money anot?"

Lately i've been feeling pretty fearful of going out, crowded places and um, infected people. Plus my niece is sick and she just puked all over her crib earlier on. T_T Good thing is, i still have my appetite.

Oooooh nomnomnom. Anyway, today i had tea with Josh and Danny at New York Deli and seriously, i had something against that place ever since they ripped me off. My supposedly full basket of soft-shelled crabs turned out to be round lumpy things. WITH NO LEGS. GAH.

Mmm yeah. But i was kinda satisfied with my seemingly never-ending supply of potato wedges from the endless pit of a basket. So, i forgive you New York Deli. *cough*

Oh. Yeah. Before we left, Josh attempted to play this mean trick on me. And he was successful. D:

"Eh Soph, can you pay for my parking ticket?"
"Uh, yeah, sure."
"You sure you have enough money?"
"...isn't it only 1 dollar?"

So then he proceeded to put the card in the slot and this amount popped up on the screen....









I burst out laughing in front of the machine and both of us looked like happy druggies who scored loads. But yes, that was gold. Good one? :D

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