Sunday, August 16, 2009

Would love you forever and a day

Dick: You know Sally, you may have lost a boyfriend and i may have found a friend. But you know what's the most important thing?
Sally: What?
Dick: That I found a friend.

I'm so excited about this week i'm practically hyperventilating as of now. :D Results are gonna be out, Up is about to release, and it's birthday galore! Speaking of birthdays, mine's in exactly 2 weeks. *hint hint*

You have that much time to get me a....


VAIO Js Series

My fave Threadless tees

RayBan aviators

Lifetime supply of sushi (anything is possible!)

A trip to Korea

Left4Dead 2
(Psssst. If you are against zombies and gore, i suggest you don't watch this. And i am not satanic ok >.>)

....or Rain

Or you could be totally boring and get me something affordable and realistic :D

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