Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Crying babies & ecstatic aunties

Eh, hai :D My day was alright, so-so, the old run-of-the-mill. Except for the fact that i've been having this throbbing need to throw up every now and then. AND the other fact that there are finally cookies & cream granola bars in this world!! OH yeah. Justice has been served.
Besides that, check this ouuutttt...

:D:D It's so cute i'm gonna call it Bubu. My bubing awesome speakers. ♥

And that's about it. Oh, and all the best for form 7s who are currently having trials right now. May you all study your guts out while i sit back and enjoy my cookies & cream granola bar. ♥♥ (No seriously, study your life off. It sucks to austerely waste time and worry your heart out for results T_T)

PS: The cbox is off. It's practically dead anyway, except for Vonn's comments. ILUVYOU. So yeah, say hello to 'comments' if you bother.

current tune: I Never Liked You - Rogue Traders


Melissa Yeap said...

Hello,'comments'! :P haha aww man I didn't get to see your response in your chatbox after I asked you what did you do to the parking machine in 1U. :3

sof. said...

Oh whoops. Nah, it was just an old fluke ticket my friend got from a mishap with a machine years ago. So we'll just keep it and put it in the machine again next year d:

Vonn said...

ugh. i prefer the chatbox so much more T_T

who's gonna check for replies down here besides you T______T rawr

asodiahspda. btw, where are the speakers from? so kyoot

Vonn said...

omg..i just saw the brand. sonicgear!! i have something against them.

or maybe its only their headphones which suck la. haih

how much $$ for em tho?

sophira chong said...

i'm sorry, faithful-cbox-msg-leaver. but like, dem boring to everytime see there's nothing there. no satisfaction d:

but the speakers so sexy! got em for 49 bucks. whee!

Vonn said...

...but i never take MY cbox away eventhough nobody goes there for one million years! D: ugh