Thursday, August 20, 2009

Au Contraire

Ralph: Me fail English? That's unpossible.

Heyyyy all. Well, the very much anticipated day has arrived and i finally got my O Level results! Betcha wanna know what it is eh? Eh? *eyebrow wiggles*

Okay, no drama music or "dun dun duuuun" because i got 2 As, 2 Cs, and 1 D. I got a beepin D. Add that with a colon and you get?


Weird thing is, they didn't state which subject got which score so yeah. I am a little Rawr about that now. British Council is famous for making me feel so angst. -__-
I am happy that at least i have enough to head off to college though, and it feels awesome, this great sense of accomplishment. I've finally done something that's a key to the gateway of opportunity. I am proud, but somehow i feel sort of.... meh. I guess, i wanted more, expected more. Of course, i know i wouldn't get much since i only studied 5 subjects in like what, 6 months?

But! I'll just take this chance to do even better next time! Please be proud of me, papa and mummy. T_T
Oh but wait. It's also dear uncle Joo's birthday today!

Happy 18th, Joo Li Anne! :D
I still appreciate so much the fact that we're still such good friends. Not many would be after what we've been through. But you're the best uncle evar. ICECREAM AND SASHIMI NOMNOM.

I'm going for a movie later. Please hope that infected people and their germs will not touch me.


vonn said...

congrats on ze results! your treat! when? :D

sophira chong said...

what! MY treat? pffft. when you're free la :D