Friday, August 21, 2009


The Prelude

Say hi to Mr Angryface. (Originally, Jerusalem Guy, but that name has gained a totally new meaning >.>)

Mr Angryface loves cookies.

He loves them so much, he'd die for them. However, he lost his cookie. Mr Angryface was very sad.

So Mr Angryface was searching all over, far and wide, for his beloved cookie. But on one fine sunny day, he found something else instead! He saw this shiny pretty thing that he could not tear his eyes off of.

Zomg! Pretty lady! With sucky webcam quality! But still. Pretty lady!

Mr Angryface fell in love; instantly, deeply, and truly.

Thankfully, so did she.

And they lived happily ever after.

*loud thunderous applaud*

Oh, thank you! Thank you! You're too kind. :D


Sis + Me: Can we take the pic here?
Marcos: Yeah, yeah, sure! Oh oh. Let's take it with Amber Chia. *stuffs fingers into posterface's nose* Whoa, somebody really poked holes through her nose!
Sis + Me: What?
Marcos: Ohmygod, her boobs too! Ha ha!
Sis + Me: o____o

Lol, i love SS moments when it's not mine. :D

Yesterday was Joo's last minute birthday not-so-surprise movie and dinner. Heck, i didn't even know it was supposed to be a surprise. :P But anyways, since we didn't have time to get him a present, Zoe and i decided to quickly 'make' something. Oh, by the way, please watch Up. That is one of the best movies i've seen this year. Laughter and retarded lovable bird 100% guaranteed.

So after the movie, the rest went to Bubba Gump...

...and we got our stuff and headed off to Papier. (Awesome place, though the price tags might as well grab a shotgun and blow my wallet to smithereens.)

Zoe doing her thing.

And me doing mine :D

Finished product!

Oh yeah. The waiters at Bubba Gump sang. And rapped. Sapped o_o Yes, they 'sapped' for Joo while he stood on the chair. And there was this hilarious part where they asked him to shake his booty, right in the middle of the whole restaurant. HAHA.

Shake your booty, shake shake!

Aww well. It was fun while it lasted. ;D


Birthday boyy :)



....and Zoe



Hope he had fun... and did not catch anything in the cinema. D:

current tune: Floatin Down A River - Jason Damato

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