Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Bittersweet 17th

As you all know, 30th marks the day that I turned 17. This age and 18 hold very important events of significance to me. At 17, I can finally drive. Oh yeah. At 18, I'll be in college and I can watch rated movies and do drugs. HAHA. *happiness*
Anyway, I actually sort of planned the things out in my head, on what I wanted to do. Like spend the afternoon with friends and finally satisfy my curiosity about that garden on the roof in 1u. It looks pretty in the posters ok! But yeah. People were busy, unavailable or whatever else there was, sooo the outing was a no-go. To be partially honest (because if completely, i'd have to rant), I was really bummed.

But what the heck lah. I figured why mope about that when I could just concentrate on the people who did/were spending time with me. And having that midnight virtual 'pillow talk' with Ro cheered me up anyways. What better way to start a birthday, eyh. :)

So I spent the whole day with the family, eating. Like damn a lot ok. Mamak for breakfast, Pizza Hut for lunch, Chilis for dinner. Zomg, trying to kill me isit!? D:
Oh! And there was unsuccessful shopping as well. Didn't get anything at all. Fail!

Ohh, the Everlast singlet I got from my omma, Vivienne. I have finally completed my first step to becoming a basketball player. Second step is to actually play. =p

Presents from Roberts! (I know, toilet roll, wth)


When I want free hugs, there's always Jaeda

@ Pizza Hut:

"Mummy check Jaeda's nose..."

"...then Jaeda's turn!"

@ Chilis:

Some alcoholic drink that made my sis feel woozy. I was hoping she'd get drunk, then I can make her do stupid things. EHEHE.

My fajita quesadillas!! Oh nyomnyom.

Brother-in-law :)



Yeah, and I don't even really eat chili. Keke.

@ home:

"You wanna mess with us? Huh? Huh?? BRING IT!"

The Sophs!

And yesterday, Meg called me out for movie + shopping date. I missed hanging out with her cause it's been ages. And I still feel like stealing her clothes... if I could wear them. :/ Well, we watched Aliens In The Attic because nothing else was on in the morning, but it really wasn't that bad. Pretty funny actually, except for this lady who sat near us and kept laughing her head off, literally LOL-ing, at every single thing. She must've been having the time of her life. o___o

Then we headed to Kitschen and.. well, I think you can guess what happens next.

Ooh! They stuck this on the mirror in certain changing rooms and it was only later when I realized that it was actually a competition.


Check it out! I'm there :D

Yes, I did buy the dress. WHEE!

@ that vegetarian place:

Thank you, Madeline!

Super late lunch with the cousin straight after.

Yup, that's about it. Anywho, I gotta go ciao to the gym already. Buh bye!

PS: I didn't get a PS3. T_T

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