Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Hawleedei !

Hello, hello.
I blew out my birthday cupcakes just last night. There was a schedule for it too. I was like, halfway chewing my duck leg and my sis announced "Ok ah, we're blowing out the candles at eight fifteen!" Whoa. But oh so yummy. :D

Oh, and I won't be updating for the next 3 days or so (unless there's free internet in the hotel), because I'll be staying in KL till Saturday. HEHE. *syoks* Don't ask why, I just will be. And then there's bengkel on Sunday. Zomg 6 hours very fun, I tell you. D: But for that license - suffer, I shall.

Anywho! I'mma go pack now. Hopefully I'll come back with some good stuff, eyh?

Cause everyday with you is sweeter, sweeter than the day before.

current tune: Fireflies - Owl City


vonn said...


and the family pic dem shiok :D

sophira chong said...

Hehe, cause my dad's a member of some hotel so we get the rooms for almost half price. I think. And my sis + broinlaw wanna stay so we all go also. Whee!

vonn said...

O: omggggg

WHAT HOTEL?! dem jealous. got internet there kan? shiok la. just go like that..hahaha. want to see pics ok. expect them soon d:

sophira chong said...

PARKROYAL, WUHUU! Yeah, got. But I forgot to bring my laptop =p Smart kan. And yes! I'm in the process of takin a lotta pics. :D

Ooh. I just noticed that gays are practically dominating KL. Ftl.